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Should PE render these the same??


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I have two 22 x 36 matrices. From the viewer's perspective, they are physically identical. In PE, however, they are different. The original started out as a 18 x 32 centered in a 22 x 36 Boscoyo matrix panel. Thinking that bigger is better,  I filled in the surrounding empty spaces. I created a custom prop in PE for that one.

The second was built as a vertical matrix in PE.

They look almost identical in the preview. The format selections for "Make the same size" works for width only. The vertical and both choices makes one of them much shorter than the other.

My problem is that the do not display pictures, movies, or text the same. For text, I can usually play around with the font size to make them look the same, But pictures and movies look very different with no options for adjustment

My question is SHOULD they look the same, or does PE render a custom prop and a predefined prop differently?

In the pictures, the one displaying 45 is the original. In the screengrab the one on the right is the original.




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Can you export the 2 props from Preview Design and attach them here, or PM them to me? These should be LPEPROP files. Thanks,


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The custom prop is defined with 28 rows. There are 6 empty rows at the bottom. If you change it to 22 rows it should work the same as the other one.


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