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Pixel Editor Movie Runs Slow


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Hope everyone is off to a good start!

I am trying to use my 22 x 36 matrix as a countdown timer to let people know when the show will start.

I found a video that is a timer counting down from 5:00 to 0. White text on a black background. Perfect!

Once I got it into uncompressed .avi format, I created a movie effect in PE. When I put it in the sequence, it only played 1:25 of the video and then went blank.

Thinking that there might be some movie length limit ( Is there a limit Matt?) I broke the video up into 5 - 60 sec clips and made 5 effects instead of one.

Now I have noticed that the when I play the first 60 seconds of the sequence, the timer only gets to the 4:10 mark. It is 10 seconds behind.

The timing issue is the same for all 5 video clips.

When I play the clips in any video player the timing is correct.

I haven't had a chance to try this, but I wonder if the on the fly processing that PE is doing just can't keep up but once I save the intensity file, it will be ok? I will try it later today and report back.

My computer is an i7, SSD, 32GB of RAM.

Anyone have any thoughts on WAZZZUP?



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Thanks Alan. 

I went that route first but it seems that the countdown effect is limited to 100 seconds. 

I'm playing a medley for 5 minutes prior to the show starting and thought I’d use the matrix to indicate when the music is over and the show starts 

With the great help from Matt I’m sure I’ll get this working.


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