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Importing changed Visualization into Superstar


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Hi all, maybe this as been asked and covered but I didn't have any lock in searching.

I have added a few items and change the location of some on my visualizer and now when I open existing files on Superstar the sequencing is turning on the wrong lights from what was turning on in the existing sequence.

Is there a way to import the new visualization and use it for existing files and have no channels screwed up?

I would like to sequence the new props and not have the old sequencing changed. I have had to redo a couple songs with the new visualization and found that the sequencing grid locations of the props has changed but the channels locations that are on or off have not changed.


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What you are experiencing is a common problem. Think of it as that the sequence is written to the sequencing grid, and then whatever lights each grid is assigned to is used.

So it means that if your sequencing grid changes, all your old sequencing isn't going to work as expected.

There are two things you can do:

1) Change all your old sequencing

2) make it so that the new lights you add go to the end of lines or to new lines on the sequencing grid so that the old sequencing doesn't change. You can move the new lights to locations that will put them at the end of a sequencing grid line, or you can use the "force row/column" feature to put things where you want. But if you use "force row/column" on a prop or fixture, you need to do it on all of them to get it to work right. Have you used "force row column" before?

Also, you could attach your old and new visualization to your response and I will take a look at them and suggest the best way to approach this.

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Hi Brian.

I have tried using "force row/column" but found it didn't work for me. I don't think I was doing it for all props so that is probably why it didn't work.

The New CCP added is the old visualization and the Christmas 2017 is the new visualization.

The main thing that I changed was the layout of the snowflakes at appear to be on the roof. They are actually on the front of the house in a cross pattern but there just wasn't room when I started building the old visualization on the front of the house, so they are on the roof.

I also added the bells over the garage doors.

Moving things around only effects the sequences I open and then possibly export to SE? If I do not update any previous sequences, nothing will change unless I open them and sequence in the new props? This season I have been just adding the new props (bells) to the old sequences in SE. Then creating my new song sequences in SS and the usual export. 

I was being an idiot and changed the visualization in the middle of sequencing the first of two new songs. Then I created this issue. Thanks for the help, I think I have it now.

New CCP added.lee

Christmas 2017.lee

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