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Props updates lost and not saving

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Please help.  I just spent all day updating and adding and updating props to my computer.  I have been saving all along the way.  The pixel editor crashed. I had to restart it, and I lost the last 5 hours of work. Does anyone have any idea why the saves didn't take (even with a crash).  I don't want to do all of this effort of repeating, and then have this happen again.

A note to consider possible.  I overwrote the LORPixelEditorData from my other computer before I started, and it seems like I lost some of the updates I did on my other computer when transferring the file to the new computer.

Feeling very frustrated and need help!


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Hint on saving.  Each time you save, use a different filename.  I use the name of whatever song of other stuff followed by the date and a revision letter or the time.  For example:

Joy to the World 2017-11-24a.sup  or

Joy to the World 2017-11-24_2122.sup

Of course that a SuperStar file for a song, but the same would apply for a Visualization, Prop, etc.


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Problem solved.  I have found out that the LORPixelEditorData.xml file only saves when you exit the Pixel Editor.  As soon as I exited, the file updated and saved.  When the pixel Editor crashed it never closed properly and didn't save.

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