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Lagging Lights


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I am at 128 LOR channels and 12 CCR Ribbons. We notice that when we are on the sequence editor the lights are in perfect timing.  Go outside and lights are lagging or off sync. 

I cleaned up my computer got rid of a bunch of un needed files thinking that maybe if it had more memory it would speed up the computer. I am at a loss.  


Any feedback is appreciated. 

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(I see Dennis has already posted asking a question, to add to his questions here are mine and some thoughts)

Whenever I hear about lagging, my first thought is too many channels on a network.

In order for anyone to help you, we will need some more info. Please answer the questions below and it will give us clues on how to advice you to get it cleared up. You say you are using a computer to run your show that's one clue. :P

The pc that runs the show, does not have to be a power house machine, it's more about the networks and getting all the info to the controllers. If you are using the same pc that you sequence with, them we can pretty much rule out the pc being the problem.

1) What Level is your License? Basic, Advanced, Pro?

2) What version of the software are you using?
(Suggestion when you have time update your profile in the forums with that info and it will show under your Name/Picture in the forums and everyone will see it, then there is no need to ask)

3) How many networks are you running? If you are not sure, how many RS485 USB-RJ45 adapters do you have plugged in?

4) What color is/are the RS485 Adapter(S) Black or Red?

5) What is the current speed your network(s) that shows in Network Configuration?

6) Is there anything new this year? ie did you add controllers?

7) What color is the RS485 Adapter Black or Red?

8) What kind of controllers do you have? we are looking for how many and what type.

I'm curious about what kind of controller(s) the 12 CCR Ribbons are connected to.

If I assume your CCR Ribbons have 50 pixles each. 12 ribbons x 50 pixels = 600 pixels X 3 channels (RGB) = 1,800 channels + your 128 LOR Channels = a grand total of 1,928 channels.

This where it becomes important that we know how many networks, and what controllers are on each. The age of the controllers is also a factor in that Gen1 controllers will not work with the higher speeds available.

*Edit* I misspoke on this, thanks to k6ccc for pointing this out. LOR added some higher networks speed, but you must have PRO license to use them. It should have read, a Pro License is needed to use the Enhanced LOR Protocol. In your case this may not be necessary. My bad, I had one thought and typed another.

Depending on your controllers it *might* be possible to add a network and run the CCR Ribbons on another separate network with 115K or 500K speed provided you have an Advanced license.

You would need to purchase a http://store.lightorama.com/usbrs485hs.html adapter.

Don't let the adding a network intimidate you, it's just a matter of adding a USB485-HS adapter, and changing some settings. It's easy to do and we can walk you thru it. If you decide to go this route, be aware you will have to change your Visualization files, and your channels setup in SE for the CCR ribbons to reflect the new network.

I know it's a lot of question, but without this info we will be guessing.


*Edited* to clarify some wording about Enhanced networks

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