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not playing after merging the intensity file

Jim Saul

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Hi, using lor 4. I have 5 pixel trees, i can control them from sequenced editor, but when i create a sequence in pixel editor and save the intensity file the trees do not light. 
I have verified that the controller info is correct in the pixel editor. Also when i check control the lights in pixel editor they do not light either.
Any thoughts? 

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4 minutes ago, k6ccc said:

Is the LOR network set for Enhanced mode, and are the controllers Gen3 (enhanced capable)?


Yes, they are enhanced, they are pixie 8 controllers, on a new high speed usb converter just for them. 
I can control them from sequenced editor if I use sequence editor to sequence them, but no output from the pixel editor or the merged sequence editor. 

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8 hours ago, Jim Saul said:

Thank you Matt, i did not see that before, but everything is matching what it said. I've attached  a snip of the props and the network config.

Everything looks to be correct.

After starting the LOR Control Panel, does the Comm Listener window ("CL" icon on the taskbar) show that Com 7 gets opened at 500K? Any errors reported on that window?


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Thank you Matt for looking and trying especially on Thanksgiving. 
Last night trees 2-5 started working, then a little while later tree 1 kicked in.

NOTHING changed between the time i took those screenshots and they did not work, and when the 4 started and when the 5 started. 
God willing they continue to work. 

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