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Trying to 'stretch' / expand 50 pixels to 100


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I added a 180 degree pixel ribbon tree this year.

I don't have nearly enough time to sequence, so I bought some pre-made sequences for the tree that I will paste into my existing work. My question / Problem is : the sequences I bought are made for 50 pixel CCR/CCB. My strings are 100 pixels.

Initially I thought I could use the resolution setting on the Pixie16 to make everything 1-to-2 but I see resolution is only supported for 50 pixel strings, so I cant use that. Now I'm thinking I can copy & shift to accomplish the same thing in the sequence editor, but I feel like I'm doing this the long way / hard way.

I am trying to select all of a RGB channel, then copy it and insert it ( at least, I THINK that's the best way) - for example, expand my controller, and select pixel 50, then copy it <insert new pixel> and paste. ( but when I click on the far left, it doesn't let me select the cells to the right that I need to copy. ( I think it want to copy timings or something else instead)

I need the data from pixel 1 to be copied onto pixel 2, and what was on pixel 2 to be copied to pixel 3&4, Data from pixel 3 to be copied to pixel 3 copied onto 5&6 ... and so on.

Any ideas or advice ?


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