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Looking for advice - Adding a Pixel Tree, but no time to sequence


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I'm trying to work in a Pixel/Ribbon tree this year, but I have very little time to sequence.

I have a Pixie 16 & (16) 11ft (roughly) 100 pixel strips.

My plan was to make a 180 degree (almost flat) tree; So I will NOT be folding the strips in half.

It appears that I must use a 1-1 resolution setting for the controller since my strips are 100 pixels not 50.

I had originally thought I would re-use my old sequences from last years show by purchasing a handful of pre-made sequences of the same song that already had Ribbon trees. Then I would just copy the new tree channels into my my existing  sequences. But now Im weary of that not working.

Am I correct to assume if I buy sequences from WOWLIGHTS that these will have been designed for CCB / CCR and that I will only be able to use half my pixels in that mode ?

Plan B was to just use pixel editor to throw in patterns, but these would just be somewhat random & not synchronized specifically to the beat. I have a superstar license, but I'm totally lost on that now that pixel editor is built into pro. Im guessing Superstar is the only way I could get auto sequenced stuff, but since that license is built around CCR's I'm assuming I would need 32 ccr channels to support my 100 pixel strips, and the closest thing to 32 CCRs is 40  That's a 250.00 software upgrade for me, compared to just upgrading S4 and throwing in pixel editor effects.

Any advice ?



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Are you sure they are 100 pixel strips? The regular 50 pixel strips are 16.5 feet long so 11 feet and 100 pixels doesn't sound right. Please post a link to what you are using.

Also, since the regular 12v strips use 3 amps per strip 100 pixels would use 6 amps which is more then the Pixie can handle.

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I did a custom order. I wanted 11 feet high, and I wanted 100 pixels.

I got these strips, just a bit shorter.


7.36 watts / meter @ 3.4 meters is just a hair over 5 amps.

I had already planned to inject power at both ends. I could totally bypass the 5v out from the pixie. I was debating cutting a notch in the strips 22 pixels from the end - or just leaving the strip whole and sending power down both sides. Although it is sold as a 5m roll @ 36 watts , but 7.2a does seem like a lot of current on that thin plastic pcb.

My unknowns are really on the software side / resolution configuration.


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