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Pixel editor to Sequence editor

Aussie Andrew

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Hi all

I'm using S4 software and have designed 1/3 a show in Sequence editor a 1/3 in pixel editor and 1/3 in Superstar, I can transfer the Superstar into Sequence editor and it looks like I have transferred the Pixel editor into sequence editor once but the Pixel editor part will not play when running in sequence editor/ or control the lights ( the superstar and sequence editor part will play). What is the process for transferring the program from Pixel editor to sequence editor ( I thought I read somewhere that you can only do it once lets hope not) and is there any tricks to get the Pixel editor part to control lights in sequence editor.

BTW the Pixel editor program will work and control the lights when run from Pixel editor

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I have a question in regards to this. RGB lights and NON Rgb lights. I want to use pixel editor to configure the RGB. Can I not configure the non-RGB lights in Pixel Editor. I'm new at the pixel editor thing.. (go gentle on me). Also someone with experience... does it seem to be easier to edit everything in SE or do them separate.  I also can not figure out how to just turn on the lights solid in Pixel Editor, is that possible?

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In the pixel editor in prop definition when you create a prop select traditional lights and select color of bulbs for that prop  to turn lights on use color wash  and select color of your bulbs .

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