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We spent some time in the garage today working on some of our props. Last year we picked up a couple more blow mold candles and had to rework them to add a string of LED's to them and a stand to hold the lights. We had four last year, now we have six. All of them have a string of 60 count white M5 led's, this produces a fairly even light in the entire candle. One candle is badly faded and a slightly different style from the others, so we tried using a 100 count string of the small nub led's, the results were terrible! The nub lights produce spot lights on the candle instead of a full glow.

The pics tell the story:


These are good:


These are bad:


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7 hours ago, rcktpwrd said:

 The nub lights produce spot lights on the candle instead of a full glow.

The same thing happened to me last year when I tried to use a string of white mini LED lights in one of the 3 Wise Men in our Nativity scene.  I bought the set used and found out the cord was frayed and the light bulb wasn't lighting up. I didn't feel like splicing the cord back together and instead stuffed a 50-count LED light string into the back of the Wise Man.....same result as you.  It looked like the Wise Man had white chicken pox marks all over him.  After a good laugh, I ended up cutting/splicing the cord back together after all.

Good to know that M5 LEDs work for this purpose.  Thanks for the tip!

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