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Led Ribbons on roof ridge row


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Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I need some tips on how you keep your led ribbons attached to your shingles? Every year, I have a portion of the roof that collapses on the ridge row part. I found some clips that work with C9 bulbs, but cannot locate anything to help the ribbons. I was thinking of buying this clips and maybe put the ribbon on the front and apply some hot glue to hold into place. However unsure if the hot glue will damage the strip. 


This is the part of the roof where my lights fall. Every where else I am able to use clips. 


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I built a PVC frame that the lights are mounted to  There is a one foot stub of PVC pipe going down the roof on each side to keep it in place.  If I'm really worried about it moving, I could put a sandbag over the pipe every once in a while - I'm not.  I'll take some photos when It's completed next weekend and post them (that's what I was working on in 100 degree weather this morning - too damn hot!).  The advantage of the PVC frame is that once completed, I will be able to install or remove all 187 lights in a very short period of time (as compared to mounting each light individually).


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I use "J" Channeling for vinyl siding.


In the video about the 7:08 mark, it shows how I use them.  On the roof I also mount my deer using 2x4's  and I just screw the "J" channeling to that at about the 10:45 mark you an see some photos of it lit up.




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