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Holiday Coro AlphPix BUG Alert


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I believe I've encountered a serious bug in the AlphaPix firmware ZIG function. 

AlphaPix 4, of which I have two, will not work if you use the Zig function AND you have null pixels in line.

Holiday Coro has suggested a workaround which I have not tried yet. But Holiday Coro didn't actually admit to testing the bug or confirming that an AlphaPix board will function properly with BOTH Zig and Nulls in use.  They just said they hadn't heard of any issues. I find it unlikely that I got the only two boards that malfunction when both nulls and zig exist.

What appears to happen is the zig will start counting at the first pixel in line, rather than the first ACTIVE pixel. So your matrix display will be off zig by the number of null pixels you declared, in my case 4 null pixels.

Their workaround is to change the start address from channel 1 to channel 13 ( 3 RGB channels x 4 null pixels = 12 channels of null).  My ultimate workaround will be to relocate the board and power supply so null pixels will not be needed.

Anyone considering a Holiday Coro controller should get this clarified before committing to purchase.

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Good to know. What exactly is the intention of using Null pixels ? Just reshape the data for longer cable lengths between the controller and pixels ? 

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 Most controllers today will get you 20 or 30 feet to the first pixel. 

Just how far are you going?

If you really need to boost the signal the other way to go would be a u amp which will act as though it's not even there so you don't have to worry about compensating for null pixels. 


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5 hours ago, Dcroc said:

I do find their support to be far less than the level of LOR/SS.   

With the issues i had this year with my 6 cough cough 8 cough 2, i am going to get one of those pixel controllers that has wings.

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