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Best Video of Light Show

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I have started a small 16 channel light show at my house.  Would love to expand for next year, but I'm happy with a small show for now.  I am running about 50/50 my sequences/ sequences others have shared on this forum or posted online in other places.  I was wondering the best way to share this.  I feel like I need to give credit to the people who wrote the sequence.  I'm just looking to share the light show with my friends and family who are not local on facebook.  Is there a protocol for this?  I'm obviously not doing this for financial gain, just something fun to do in my free time.  A lot of my friends and family are not local to us, so no way they could see in  person.


Also, is there a preferred way to record?  My iphone has a hard time recording in the dark.  I do have a gopro and a dxlr camera...  Not sure if that would work, as I am not a photographer. 

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You can record them and put them in the Christmas Display section of the forum with a link to Youtube or Vimeo. If you want to give a shout out you can do it individually in each post.  You can also search the forums on how to record, lots of posts on it with good info





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