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SS effects bleed over into other strings


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I'm sequencing both CCR matrix, CCBs and regular light strings in Superstar.  I set up my visualizer with my various fixtures and when I import into SS they all show up as I need them on separate lines.  My problem is when setting up effects (ie shockwave, spiral...) within my CCR matrix.  If I have a shockwave set so it is larger than my matrix so that I'm getting an arc instead of a full circle for example the following happens.  The shockwave does exactly what I want but because it flows off the matrix grid it is activating lights on other strings.  I've tried everything I can find in forums in trying to set up visualizer to separate my other strings so that effects won't overlap on them.  I've tried setting rows/columns, using row vs real visualization.  Nothing I do seems to correct the problem.  I can overcome this problem if I only seqence my CCRs in SS and then using SE I can go in and delete all the overflows when I sequence the rest of my lights in SE.  I'd much rather do everything in SS but need to figure out how to keep the effects that flow off the grid from interacting with the other strings.  I have a 10 row matirx using CCRs which are the 10 rows starting at the bottom although they are shown at the top in my visualizer file.  I've searched the forums but have been unable to find this specific problem.  I attached a screen shot of my SS.  Thanks for any help you can provide.


Superstar image.pdf

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Manual clip is your friend.  In the screen capture below, the red arrow points to the selection for Manual Clip.  The orange arrow points to the area that will be affected by the effect (a fan in this case).  The yellow arrow points out where the center of the effect is located.  Without the manual clip, a very large portion of my display would be affected, but with the manual clip, only the area selected (my six arches in this case) will be affected by this effect.


Any other questions, feel free to ask.


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