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X10 , Is it still around ?


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Just wondering, anyone still use X10 controllers for indoor lights or whatever? With all the new "smart" technology it seems like most of it is obsolete now. 

Also on the topic, does anyone use X10 in there show, for turning on or off parts of a static display or similar ?

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I have a box of OLD X10 stuff, if anyone needs anything.

However, Insteon, and Zwave are what I am using now.

(NOT in my display, but for general home automation)...


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I used x10 in my home automation years ago.  The devices were pricey and not very reliable....send the on command and it didn't turn on 100% of the time.

I am told devices improved but was led to believe it was a technology that was being phased out.  I have several controllers still....light switches and power outlets....but it has been boxed for over a decade.

LOR AC controllers are relatively cheap and control 16 ckts each.   Also I have never commanded a LOR component on/off and have the command fail.  So for my time and money using LOR controllers are better than x10. 

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