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Hello, I have a pretty straightforward Q, but need to set it up...

Have been using Pixel Mega Tree for a few years.  Was very happy with how easy it is to set up and program in PE.

For 2017, I am changing my incandescent mini trees and leapers to LOR Pixels.

I have MANY songs, and rather than sequencing in Pixel arches and trees, I wanted to do this in two steps.  First step would be to create props in PE that allow me to use the new devices exactly as I used the old ones.  In other words, instead of an arch with 50 pixels, I created 7 props to represent a Pixel arch, with the intent of simply copying the SE sequence rows into the pixel device.

This is where I run into the problem...

When I have PE show me props that are sequenced by SE, it shows me one line per prop.  So for a 7 segment arch programmed by SE, I see 7 rows with all my sequencing.

When I create a PE pixel arch prop using 7 segments, it shows me two lines per prop (segment).  

If I select my 7 rows of SE sequencing with the intent of copying it onto the PE segments, it won't work, since I am copying 7 rows into 14 rows.  So my alternative is to select one segment at a time and copy it.  That is taking forever.  Is there any way to have PE show one row per prop? Or what else do you suggest?  Because I have 10 arches and 10 mini trees, and it will take me days to copy any song.


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You're in luck; there are several things you can do to "save" your current situation, and through a work around, you can enjoy the "legacy" mode and the full pixel mode of your devices.

First, if you're daring, you can skip straight to S5.  S5 allows you to have both "motion effects" and traditional channels right in the same editor, and you could literally copy and paste all of your work from before if you set your props up correctly.

If you're wanting to stick with S4, you can continue to create 7 segments (each made up of several pixels), and they will show up as 7 separate props.  You can "group" them in order (horizontal stack) to use the pixel editor functionality, and when not in a group they will function like a normal SE entity.  However, you're still going to have two rows.  You can't get away from that in S4, but you can in S5 (another reason to switch!) by only creating one row (or a dozen rows).  (I'll end my marketing speech for S5). 

Ultimately what you may want to do is select the entire ROW of the entire sequence of one prop / arch segment and copy each prop at a time.  This will speed things up a lot, but you'll still have to copy each row separately.   Go to a fixed time grid, select the first cell, press (and hold) shift, and hit the "END" key.  It will select the entire row, then copy and past into the first row of your Pixel Editor prop.


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