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Problems with all the programs

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So Iv been using light o Rama for 4 years I go to do simple show builder after I updated the software to 4.2.4 I think that’s what it is and no files shown there so what do I do un install and re install and it still like nah we don’t wanna work right literally it doesn’t make its own file with everything  from audio to sequences all I get is LOR Internal 

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Simple Show Builder requires your  files to be in the default folder that was set during setup. If you have moved them anywhere else they will not show. The default file is LOR/Sequences  during setup unless you specify a different folder.

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Best to search your computer for one of your sequences and that will tell you where they are.

Look for

my computer/ my documents/ Light o rama once you find that folder all of the sub folders should be within. That is where you should be saving your audio and sequences to.


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