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Looking to get into LOR but since I'm currently doing the Dave Ramsey program it makes it difficult/tricky to pony up that kind of money. Wondering and hoping there is someone in this community you may have one they can spare for under $100. I live in Terre Haute, IN and our city used to have one house doing this but he no longer does. I still talk to people who made it part of their Christmas tradition to go by this house and would really love to get this going again.

Thanks in advance!

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hey well unfortunately I don't have any extra controllers.  all of mine are being used.

I just wanted to encourage you with the dave ramsey program.  my wife and I have been thru it and are doing well. it takes

some planning but if you can save a little each money for your holiday display you should have plenty to play with next year.

your not gonna get one for under $100 but quite often you can pick them up for reasonable prices.  

just wanted to encourage you and wish you the best.   you'll be out of debt before you know it.



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yeah its like dave say....make your money work for you not you working for your money.  

now you just need to have you money starting working for your Christmas.  

you just need to budget line named LOR

good luck

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