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S5 Preview Creation - Merge Visualizer & Pixel Editor?

Scott Tuthill

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Just read through the S5 PowerPoint Presentations. Wow -- that S5 is something and merging SE and PE is definitely the way to go. One question I have - is it possible to merge a S4 Visualizer file and a S4 Pixel Editor Preview in creating a S5 Preview? My situation is this. I have a full S4 Visualizer file for my display, except for a 3 level Nested RGB star. I created the RGB Star preview in Pixel Editor and did my sequencing of it in PE - then merged the Intensity file back into the SE file and off it went into the show. I never went through the effort to figure if and how to put the Nested RGB star into the S4 Visualizer file along with the rest of the display. So, what is the possible and recommended approach for creating the S5 Preview?

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