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Not Controlling Lights

Matt T

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I get the following error:

"Connection to the LOR control Panel has been lost" No Longer controlling lights. The control panel is running and the error will not clear.  Thanks for your help



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Please fill out your profile to include your software version or at least post the version and more specifics.

You may get more replies.

Thank you


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I am using 4.3.24 PRO. Last year I used a 16 AC controller with the basic software and everything was great. To enhance the display, I just bought the LOR plug and play pixel tree (pixie 8 controller). So connecting just the pixel tree, I cam control in with the hardware test, but cannot with the pixel editor. I did have the control panel running and set the network config according to the manual. I just don’t get what could be wrong. I am sure I messed up something somewhere. Thanks for your help

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