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Need Pixel Training!! Willing to Pay Online or Remote session

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this is my first year wanting to use the PIxel Editor. I understand basic knowledge of LOR but having trouble with the Pixel editor.

I am willing to pay for online training if anyone is very familiar with the Sofware. I have many question regarding Pixel programing as well as insulation. I have never used Pixel lights before, so it all seems confusing. 

all i need is 2 hour of training and i am sure i will get the gist from there... willing to pay for you time.  please name price and availability.. looking for this to happen soon.  


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I am really need some assistance with the Pixel Editor and also installation. I am willing to pay form some who is familiar Pixel Editor and hardware.  If i can get a 2 hour crash course just to go over the basic of Pixels, I am sure i can catch on from there.  I tried watching the video and still very confused.  I also have basic knowledge of LOR, just never dealt with Pixel before.


please help!

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