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  Good afternoon

I want to mount a tree of 16 x 100 pixel and I would like to know what kind of controller would be the most suitable to perform such assembly.
1st Option:
- Pixie Controller 16
- 100 pixel 2811 12V.

2nd Option:
- Controller, PixCon 16
- 100 pixel chain 2811 12V.
In both cases they could be controlled from the mini Show Director

Thanks in advance

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I think the pixie16 is a little easier to set up. I am biased because I have 5 of them and a pixie8. And yes the mini show director can control them without any problems.


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Thanks for the help.

In regards to the question that "dibbljr" does to me I do not know what to answer, because I do not clearly dominate this field, my support is the tutorials and web videos.
I am a teacher of a vocational training center, I have done with my students several works having used controllers like CTB16PC and the Pixcom16 DMX through the protocol E1.31.
This year we want to mount a tree that is far enough away from the building for that reason to do the control through mini Show Director.
Another question that arises is if the outputs will hold the 100 pixel without melting the fuse.

Thank you for your invaluable help.

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Not sure if the Pixcon and the pixi have the same max current rating, but I know I have the Pixie 16 and its got 4a fuses. According to my math ws2811 100 pixels at full would be 5a. You could lower the max intensity or inject additional power.

I don't know what the spec is on the serial port speed of the G3-MP3

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G3mp3 - It will control 100 pixels per string full white. Don’t know if it will power them for extended periods but during testing I didn’t have any problems with my 20’ tree 100 pixels per string. NormL sequences there is not much “all white” for extended periods.

Fir shows I use laptop


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