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Help finding example house

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My wife wanted me to break from the show this year due to the time involved, but since has given me the green light to do it, but wanted me to change it up.  I clearly don't have time for that, but was thinking about doing a simple, scaled down version where I really use mostly static lights and then have a couple synchronized individual elements that pop out.  Anyone have any examples they could point me to of some small &  classy, but really effective/creative shows? Pictures or videos would be great.

Also, I don't use pixels. I'm purely led lights. 

Thanks for the help! 

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Thanks mega.  I'm trying to find where someone either just synchronizes maybe some mega or spiral trees, mini trees, fire sticks and makes it really cool with only a couple select elements being synchronized with music and the rest static.   

Or a display without music and just animated lights.

 I just don't want to use the same songs and show I did last year.  I have at my disposal, 2 spiral trees, 5 mini trees and 8 light balls (approx. The size of a beach ball).   I can add more mini trees or a couple fire sticks.  I just don't want to have to synchronize the house lights too because I don't have the time to figure out how to set them up or program differently than previous years.

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