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I know it's not computerized or anything but we made this for my dad's house just finished it tonight. It's about 30 feet long and that its tallest part is 8 foot.


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We got three of the coroplast snowflakes from an online vendor. We're going to do two and white and one in blue and make them look like the smoke coming out of the Smoke Stack. Will put them on a 3 position switch to give some motion. Was a fun project now I can start on my house

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10 hours ago, jerry72 said:

Very nice, now, how about sharing those plans, i was asked about making a train this year for our community. This would be perfect.

As soon as I find the plans ill put them up.

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Plans and photos of the pvc train






17 sticks of 1/2pvc, 3 one hundred ft rolls of rope light, hulla hoops for wheels the engine is longer than the plans say about 3 ft

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