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what do i wrong?


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For this year i found the pixel editor and want to use it.

i made a 16 ccr tree in the pixel editor

I found out that i have to export mij file from superstar sequencer to SE (from .sup to .lms) i have a 24 ccr licence

so far no problem, the 16 ccr tree works in the pixel editor whit effect generator.

But in the file i load are some lines and things, i see them in my Sequence Editor, but not in the pixel editor when i load the .lms file.

What do i wrong or is it not possible what i want.

I want to make a file in  superstar sequencer and load the file in pixel editor for the fine tune.

thanks, Mark 

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Hey Mark.

The SE, PE and SS are three separate entities that have no interrelation within themselves; they all will exist separately.  In the S4 software, all three enable you to program, but the SE acts as a "viewer" and "player" for the other two components.  You cannot edit the SS files in the PE, or the PE files in the SE, or vice versa.  It's not possible to do some programming in the SS and then import it into the Pixel Editor; they aren't interconnected in that way.   

Part of the challenge of this is the fundamental way in which effects are created in the three parts of the software: the SE effects are fully manual, while the pixel editor is 100% computer generated.  And SuperStar is somewhere in between.  They all turn lights on and off, but the way the interface with humans is in three separate ways.  That's just the way it works. 

With the new S5 software, you have further flexibility with your programming -- you can use both the manual and computer-generated effects on the same props; however, you still cannot edit the computer-generated effects.

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