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Timing different for play range


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Greetings, LOR users!

I'm back in the game after having been out of the sequenced light show hobby for a few years.  Now that I'm back in it I have a question/issue that I'm hoping someone here can help me address.  I have the latest version of Sequence Editor, version 5.6, having upgraded recently from V2.9.

Here is what's happening:  After using the tapping wizard to set all my 'beats' I start putting together the sequence for a particular piece of music.  I edit the light show using the playback setting of "visible section", meaning it starts playing from whatever is showing on the screen the left-most edge.  I go through the entire song in this fashion, and all appears to be well.  

HOWEVER, when I'm all done I play the entire sequence from the beginning.  I then discover in some cases (weird, right?) that at some point the sequence in the editor no longer matches the music, i.e. there is 'drift' and I'm somehow no longer properly synchronized.  The situation is always that the sequence is now ahead of the music.  I have a two-year-old high-end laptop so I don't think outdated PC hardware is the issue, and I have no other software running on the PC when I edit, so nothing is bogging down my processor.

I have two questions related to this:  First, has anyone else experienced this issue? 

Second, my corrective action is to cut and paste chunks of my sequence a little 'to the right', say, a tenth of a second.  That's easy enough to do when all my 'beats' are equally spaced, but if I have uneven spacing of my 'beats' I have big problems resetting all the timings.  Is there an easier way of doing this?  Is there a way to copy and paste the timing along with the action, so to speak?

Thank you in advance for your assistance, friends.

Carsten Ramcke

Allen Park, MI


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