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Controlling relays or solenoids?


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If you are thinking about controlling relays with LOR, but have read about some of the issues about not enough load on the channel to keep the triac from shutting off early and causing the coil to buzz, or the relay to chatter, here is an idea...

Use a DC card, and 12VDC relays. The MOSFETs on the DC card don't have the minimum hold on issue that the triacs do, so there should be no issues there. The only issue is that you should put a reverse biased diode in parallel with the relay or solenoid coil, to prevent the inductive voltage spike that can occur when the current in the coil is turned off.

Of course, if the I/0-32 card arrives this year, it will provide some other options, but especially for Halloween, I am currently planning based on product I know I will be able to buy at the summer sale.

- Kevin

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