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Maximum controllers on Showtime Pro 4


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Last year on version 3 I was running 20 CCR's , 180 Dmx channels off an Idmx 1000 and then 64 standards LOR channels... all off 4 USB's and was starting to have issues such as glitches within the dmx items. This year I was thinking of adding a Holiday Coro DMX tree and I am wondering how people are running this many channels without the glitches or if I am missing something here.


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The question to ask is how many channels were on each LOR network?  Next is what speed are those networks running?

Back when I started with this, the old rule of thumb was six CCRs or 900 channels on a single 115K LOR network.  Since that time, LOR how has 500K and 1000K network speeds (not everything will run at the higher speeds).  Of course the higher speeds can carry more data as long as your hardware can support the higher speed.  Also with S4, there are now enhanced networks and intensity files.  Both of these will also allow carrying more traffic on a network.  Both of those require a Pro level license and of course don't exist on your S3.

What are you using as a show player?


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