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TSO Sequesnces wanted


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Been a while since I have been here.  Took a couple years off from my display but with the new BIGGER house and LARGE yard its time to rock the new neighborhood  :)
I HAD 16 ch.... but just picked up 4 more packs, but would like to stay 32 for this year but will take almost any size and edit if needed.  I do not have anything but the packs right now.  No cosmics or anything like that.  Basic.  Next year... Watch out  :)  hehehe.

Looking for these 3 (or others if you have it besides Wizards)

First Snow
Christmas dreams
Christmas Day

Thanks everyone

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same here, i lost all of my files due to lack of being smart and backing them up, now i have to start over i have 64 channels and nothing cannot be more disappointed in myself right now so any help would be greatly appreciated

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