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2017 Summer Sale


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2017 Summer Sale
August 23 thru August 31 TryForFree is back!
  Almost everything in the store is on sale!  

Once again Light-O-Rama is having its Summer Sale. Starter packages are on sale, add-on controllers are on sale, accessories of all kinds. Now is the least expensive time to get started, or to add to your existing display.

There are no limits on quantities like in the Mad Grab Sale so if there is something you want, you are going to get it! With luck on your side you may get your order for free!


  Checkout the expanded RGB Product Section  

Note: New products will not be listed until the sale starts.

We have tripled the number of items in our RGB department. Prices have been reduced on some items even before we apply the sale prices. And remember, our RGB products are complete! Everything has water tight connectors already installed, no extra work or added costs! We provide after sales support that has been praised by many to be the best in the industry!

The new Cosmic Color Ribbon, Pixels and Bulbs packages (version II) are being introduced during this sale.The higher demand for RGB products has lead to larger orders and bigger discounts from our suppliers. We will pass those savings on to you.

And those prices, just like flat screen TVs are getting less expensive so has the cost of LED products. You will see that the new CCR (which has two ribbons per controller) is less than half the cost of the original (per ribbon)... The same savings can be seen with the new Cosmic Color Pixels and Cosmic Color Bulbs.

If you have been thinking about RGB this could be the time to do it. New products, lower prices! in our online store check the RGB Products page.

  Not into RGB?  
A large number of our customer prefer more traditional lighting. You folks will find all your favorite controllers on sale. This is a great time to get started, expand or even get a spare controller or two. You never know when you will come up with another idea and need that extra controller! 
  $20,000.00 Giveaway!  
You may get your order for free! 

The TryForFree order processing has changed. See Sale page for info.

With TryForFree you are always a winner. When you enter the Promo Code TryForFree you get an immediate 2% off your total order, guaranteed! Then you are placed in a contest where you may get your order absolutely free.

Your order will be delayed a little but it will be delivered in time for Halloween and Christmas. You have nothing to lose!

To enter the TryForFree promotion, you have to enter the TryForFreePromo code during checkout. Last year we had over 40 winners. This year it could be you. Good luck!

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