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Showtime controller?


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Hi. Not new to lights in general but the Showtime controller I am. 

What we are attempting to accomplish is a complete shutdown and startup up lights every hour for a period of 4-5 hours so a projector light show can run for several minutes and the the lights can return until the next show. 

The large majority of our stuff isn't dimmable but we have all LED's and some RGB stuff. We are spread over 60+ power sources in a 12+\- acre area.  

Is this feasible with something like this? I've got wifi blanketing the majority of the site and some cat5 at a few structures. Thanks in advance!

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Are you wanting to build it into the program sequence? Meaning your run sequence list so to say?  Or Did you mean a projector show using the lor power supplys or just to have the controllers turn off once an hour?

If you can give a little more information of what you are trying to do I'm pretty sure one of the long time users could chime in. I'm still new here to but have found ways of making things work that there was no video for.

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Basically a power off and then back on every hour. They want the Christmas lights completely off during the 3-D light show as to not wash it out or make it difficult to view. Thanks!

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