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After testing my Pixie4, I have to ask how can you tell if a light string is 400 or 800KHz?  I am finding ribbons and bullet pixels will not work in harmony on my controller.   Is anybody able to mix bullets and ribbons on the same controller?

In my case the ribbons only work when set at 400 and the bullet pixels come on all white and I can't control them. Set for 800 I can control the bullets, but the ribbons will not come on- as tested with the hardware utility. 

I was planning two strings of ribbons and two strings of bullet pixels from this controller, but will now have to go to plan B and use two controllers.

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I do not have any pixie4's however during my initial setup/ testing all 4 of my Pixie16's I found all strands must be the same. 

Also I read that in the manual in the very beginning. "Must have same RGB integrated circuit". There is another location in the manual that covers it as well but that's pretty blunt.

As someone who used to repair pcb's in xbox and play stations I think the IC's could be changed. I know they can be purchased so I wont get beat up stating that "all strands must be the same" because sure as I say that someone's going to post they have changed the IC in a strand to get them to function for this purpose.

In most of our cases I believe its safe to say "must be the same strands".



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strings on the controller must use the same RGB

Above taken from the manual.    So I did know that going in.  I do have the same IC (2811).  But I have never seen the KHz  posted as part of the specs.  That was my only point.  Has anyone seen the KHz posted in a specs?    

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Now you're going to make me check mine.  Most of my smart RGB is at least a couple years old, but I bought some new lights this year for some stuff that won't end up getting used until next year.  We'll have to see if I get some surprises.  Fortunately the SanDevices controllers CAN handle the different speeds if using the version 5.xx firmware (officially still in beta) - which I am.


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