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What is the shortest fixed grid allowed in S5?
In S4 I was able to create a fixed grid of 0.04 as the shortest timing, in S5 it reports that timing is not valid.
Will timing grids that short be valid in the final release?

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The smallest fixed timing grid in S5 is 0.05. You can create effects that start on any centisecond value by holding down the ctrl key while you select a region with your mouse.

The minimum fixed grid spacing is 50 millisecond (0.05 second) in the S5 Sequencer. In the first beta, upgrading a sequence with a fixed timing grid of less than 0.05 spacing would get converted to a grid with 0.05 spacing. However, based on your comment, that will change in the next beta: imported fixed timing grids with 0.04 or 0.03 spacing will retain that spacing. However, the minimum for new timing grids created within S5 will remain at 0.05.


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