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Collection of usage data

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We wanted to make you aware that LOR is collecting usage data on the S5 Sequencer. This data will be used to improve the product. The data will only be used internally by LOR and will never be sold or transmitted to outside parties. In fact, the data will be deleted after 60 days. We are only collecting information about how the program is being used. We are NOT collecting: any personal information, names of your sequences, or names of the media files you are sequencing to.

Participation in the usage data collection is mandatory for the beta version. After the beta testing period is over, you will be given the option to opt out of data collection. This policy is consistent with other software vendors.

Thank you for helping to make LOR software better!

Matt Brown

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Just....please.....whatever you do.....DO NOT share my browser history with my wife!!!

Between this, and Obama watching me thru my microwave.......I feel so violated.:D

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