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LOR Showtime Software and Windows version 10*S*

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A warning about Windows 10S:

Windows 10S (the 'S' is important) can only install applications that are found in the Windows App Store, which means the LOR Showtime software (S1,S2,S3,S4 and upcoming S5) can NOT be run on these computers.

Other versions of Windows 10 (for example:Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education) will work without issue.  It is ONLY Windows 10S that can not be used.

When purchasing a new computer, please be aware of this.

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From what I have recently read, Microsoft has abandoned 10S and instead made it '10S mode' (or possibly something like 'Windows Store Mode').

If you have 10S, you should now be able to disable that mode and install the software from our website.

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