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Truss me, I have a plan


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I am using four moving heads, two or three lasers and some other intelligent lighting during parts of the show this season. I have been trying to figure out a way to get these lights elevated. After considering all sorts of strange roof mounted options, I happened to run across an ad for some aluminum stage truss being sold locally. I purchase four 10 foot sections of it. It's 12" across with 2" OD tubing. I need to get two corner pieces and two base plates for it in order to do a 'goalpost' type setup. Of course, I will guy it with ratchet straps as well.


Now to figure out the water proofing. Not only will this provide secure mounting for my lights, it adds that 'pro rock concert' aesthetic I was going for.

This stuff is super strong, check out the wall thickness!

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bhays wrote:

LightORamaDan wrote:
When I saw "Truss me" I thought it was a typo:]

Nope, just me being cute.

When I saw the title before reading the thread, I was already contemplating silly questions like how he wanted to be tied to the rotisserie.:shock: :D

- Kevin
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