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Rotate Effects in PE - Wish List ?


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If this has been asked before my apologies, a quick forum search turned up nothing.

I know S5 is currently in work, so maybe this could be put on a wish list.

When using the Picture effect or really any effect would it be possible to rotate the effect? Ideally if it could be rotated at 5 points, Center and all 4 corners it would add an interesting effect.

I am not even sure this is possible.

For Example, in the picture below, I would like to be able to spin the picture at it's center - left or right up to 360 degrees at a speed ranging from slow to fast. Again ideally if the picture had 5 points in which to rotate all the better.

In the picture below this is only 1 prop, I also have view setup that includes all my smart rgb props and being able to rotate an effect on a big scale would be very cool.

The more I use PE, the easier it has become and offer this as a suggestion to add to the overall effects toolbox.



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