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Need Help Deciphering DUMB RGB at shops.


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If someone can message me, I am having trouble deciphering all of the rgbs out there on other sites.  Since lor is currently not selling dumb strips or ribbons i thought it would be safe to ask this question and request help.  Thanks in advance.  If it is against policy or in the wrong section please move or delete.




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There really is no deciphering dumb rgb as there are no data protocols to choose and they are not individually addressable. When deciding on dumb rgb there are only two things you really need to decide, voltage 5v or 12v and led size, 5050 or 3528.

Voltage is self explanatory, you wil power them with either a 5v or 12v power supply with pros and cons to each. Led size is just the size of the leds used 5050 = 50mm x 50mm or 3528 = 35mm x 28mm with the 5050 leds being bigger and usually brighter.

Most all RGBs are made in China from many different manufactures so there may be a slight color difference in brands.

Now when you get into pixels (smart RGBs) then it gets a little more complicated.

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I have dumb RGB from different sources (all are 5050 LEDs, all are 12V) and there's no discernible color or brightness difference between any of them.

With ribbons, you'll find different degrees of waterproofing methods and IP ratings.  Unless you're using them indoors, you'll want either IP 67 or 68.

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For our purposes, we must have dumb LEDs that are common positive voltage.  The LOR controllers switch the negative voltage.  Most of them out there are correct for us, but every once in a while you see common negative strips or strings.

Like George, I have never seen enough of a difference in color or brightness to matter between batches.


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