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Copy/Paste Effect not quiet the same...


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I made a colorWash effect (it really is just turn on everything Blue and then fade out), added it to the beat of the music and then copy and pasted the pattern several time.

While the original claims an Intensity of "Fade down from 100% to 0%",


the copy claims an intensity of "Fade down from 100% to 75%". 


This is a 4 beat fade down and if I go to the next beat it claims 75% to 50%,

etc all the way down to the 4th beat going to 0%.

The ColorWash is pretty simple: Left/Right "colorwash, Blue, Horizontal/Vertical Fade are both Full".  Mixer "Mix_Average, Sparkle none, Brightness mode full".


Sounds like the same thing.

I do have my controllers setup for 100 bulbs per port and was wondering if this is an effect of not using macros?  But if that's the case why is the original the way it is?


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You can delete that segment and copy paste from the 100%-0


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I see the problem.

You are 1 bar off. If you subtract the effect times is is .01 seconds off on the 2nd one

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When you copy/paste by cell, the cells remain separate after the paste. If you copy/paste by time, then the entire fade from 100% to 0% stays together as a single effect after the paste.

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