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Fence Post Light control


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Gonna try an experiment and want to know if anyone else has done this.  I have a walkway post light at the fence at the beginning of my yard.  I need it to be off when the show starts.  It is on a standard photocell mounted at the house.  I plan on using a DPDT 120 Volt coil relay. (with appropriate contact current capacity for the single bulb) and place it in the connection box (ample room) for the post light.  Will use the normally closed contacts for the lamp output, with a standard 110 plug cord for the coil.  Coil plug will be plugged into the LOR AC controller on the same channel as our tune to sign.  Show starts for the night, post light goes out, show ends for the night, post light back on.  Minimal fiddle factor for the build, and already have the parts from other train related projects.  Also have socket for said cord so it can be removed and put up with the rest of  light cords after the season is over.

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1 hour ago, Mr. P said:

Why don't you just make the post part of the show? I have posts and for the Holidays I put in a color changing led bulb and just let it run.


OOOHHHHHHhhhhhhh  What a great idea!!  If I don't do the relay that looks promising!


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