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New Effects Coming???


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I just added a pixel matrix to my display. It is rectangular 25 high by 32 wide using the 2 inch spaced coro mat.. I have been using PE for over a year now and it suits my needs perfectly. I understand the effects generator and realize that I can use pictures/videos to add effects I would like. It does however take a lot of time. So my question. Has there been any thought given to adding some "standard christmas effects"?

What I mean is perhaps....... a 5 pointed star, 6 pointed star, a christmas tree, wreath, perhaps a swinging bell.

I would hate to spend time trying to create them only to find out they are in the works. 

Would it make sense to start a thread and have all us PE users vote on our favorites.





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I'm a little lost on what you are asking for. I'm all for additional effects being added to PE, but don't understand the "a 5 pointed star, 6 pointed star, a christmas tree, wreath, perhaps a swinging bell" bit.

Effects act differently on different props and can be further modified depending on how they are setup in Visualizer.

You asked for a swinging bell, after a quick search I found this animated gif.


If you want to try this - right click and "Save as"

It took all of 20 seconds to add it to PE as a picture and see it on my pixel matrix. My pixel matrix is 16 X 50. It looked pretty good.

As far as some of the other effects you mention a "5 pointed star, 6 pointed star, a christmas tree, wreath" I'm sure there are gifs available to use for those also.

You could also look into Superstar as it gives you a lot more control over individual pixels.

Like I said I don't quite understand what you are looking for, if you can clarify it would be helpful (for me at least) :wacko:


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Please forgive my ignorance. It might be that I just don't understand PE well enough yet.

For a variety of reasons, mainly historical, my display uses primarily red, green, blue and white. In the past couple years, I have been adding more pixel effect props. I now have, a 5 pointed CCR star,  a tree made of 100 CCB' bulbs and an LOR Pixel tree. This year, as I mentioned above, I have added a matrix.  For the sake of discussion lets start with the  CCR Star I have on my roof. It looks somewhat like the image below. Please forgive the image just concentrate on the shape.

What I would like to be able to do is to have the matrix mimic the roof star. i.e have 4 exact copies of this in red, green, blue, and white. Going further I'd like to be able to change the star color and background colors. Going even further I'd like to be able to choose a background color and superimpose a chase on the star.  

It appears, that if I use the picture option, I need to create separate identical copies for each combination I want.  I started to do this using  Paint and Piskel.  Is that the case or am I missing something. 

Going further, say I  want a basic Christmas tree shape, that I could do the same thing on i.e. change tree color and background color.

Then perhaps in the christmas tree inside part, be able to select a twinkle effect with white pixels twinkling.

I hope this is enough for you to get the idea of what I am wondering about.




Thanks for the bell you sent above it looks great . I am still learning what looks best on my matrix. That bell shows up as 115 X115 in Paint and I thought I needed to find images that more closely matched my 32 x 25 size 

Also many times when I import images sometimes the fill color shows up as what I see, and sometimes it is black. I never seem to be able to predict what will show up.




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