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What are your 5 Key Advantages of LORII vs LORI


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For those reviewing this question, if you were doing a discussion on LORII (which I am) what would be your 5 key advantages of LORII vs LORI and why. How are they beneficial to you today in sequencing.

OK, so to be honest, I am looking for input to plagiarize so that I can provide some laymans input to the PNW group. I also want to really get a handle on LORII myself, as I will be starting sequencing for the season within a month or so. I know that is when you really get a flavor of things, and will not have time to spend in the seat as some of the beta testers did. I have started researching a bit in the past few weeks, but have not had a great chance to totally focus on it.

Personally I am still trying to grapple with Tracks, and in my mind know that is a key, I am trying to organize thoughts on how to expose these. I did look at Farney's Tracks Video and will look at it a few more times.

Next there is the improved Beat Wizard and look at Michael's info there too. I think these 2 are key items myself at least. I look forward to any input. Thanks!

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The best advantage of LOR II versus LOR I is that it reduces the amount of time required to sequence a song.

For instance

1. Beat wizard. If you like to have lights alternating on a beat, then the beat wizard can be used to lay down a sequence to do so. Total time - about 5 minutes versus about 4-6 hours depending on the degree of accuracy wanted for a 4 minute song.

2. The peak wizard - Being able to target peaks for things like all lights one/off is another benefit that shaves time off your sequence.

3. Being able to move channels in the column without having to cut and paste

Again, it shaves time off your sequence if you want to duplicate a channel.

4. Being able to print the listing of channels without having to move them into another program such as excel.

5. Being able to start and stop a sequence from playing simply by pressing the space bar.

6. The ability to import a picture of your home to view it in the sequence.

I could go on, but it would consume too much bandwith.


For those that are afraid to convert, I would think that it would be the same analogy as those that were afraid to move from horse and buggy to a finely tuned sports car.

Don't get me wrong, LOR I is great. But after you have dabbled in LOR II, you would never go back to it again.

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Dale thanks! I don't think people are afraid, rather, it takes time to get comfortable in a new tool and to use it adequately. Which all I am looking to do for the PNW mini is to give a push start to those that will start in Sept for sequencing for the year.

I need to play with the beat and VU wizards some this week to understand them better.

Moving channels is still only one channel at a time, right? I have not found a way to move a group of channels yet.

Keep the info flowing!

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Tracks is at the top of my list

Channel List

Improved play options, specifically, play from this point forward.

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toymakr000 wrote:

I totally agree with Dale except for #1 which I think would bump down one and put tracks at the top of the list. Just for orginizational time that it saves.

Oops - I did not mean to imply that the list was in any specific order of preference.
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Dale W wrote:

For those that are afraid to convert, I would think that it would be the same analogy as those that were afraid to move from horse and buggy to a finely tuned sports car.

While I agree that the improvements to LOR 2 are very useful, I think your analogy could be misinterpreted. Going from a horse and buggy to a car required a whole new skill set as far as driving. Moving from LOR 1 to 2 is essentially seamless since the interface is the same and all of the basic features remain unchanged. With the possible exception of the fade and intensity tools, any LOR 1 user should be able to use the same procedures they are familiar with. Of course the real power with the upgrade comes from the new features, but these can be implemented slowly as the user becomes familiar with them.
From my standpoint, here are main the features that helped significantly speed up my sequencing:

  • Tracks
  • Space bar play/stop
  • Intensity and Fade presets


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