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Multiple Superstar Fixtures


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Hello All,

This year, my father in law has expanded our display to include 2 x pixel matrix boards and a pixel tree. Previously, we have only included 1 of the pixel boards. My question is around the programming of the individual fixtures in superstar. I would like to program the two matrix boards independent of each other and the matrix tree all in the superstar application. I am currently unsure if this needs to be done as single superstar sequence (thinking this would be difficult to understand how each individual element would look), or if multiple superstar sequences can be exported to a single sequence editor file?

Any advice on how other people program these elements would be very helpful! 

Thanks in advanced.


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If I understand what you are asking, you would like to sequence each prop separately in Superstar and then combine them all into 1 sequence? The short answer is yes. I have done it for years.

Create and save each prop separately with a unique filename such as "Songname_Matrix 1","Songname_Matrix 2","Songname_Pixel Tree" in Superstar (be sure to keep the original .sup Superstar file for future modifications) Export them from Superstar to Sequence Editor

Open Sequence Editor and Create a New Musical Sequence (using the exact same song file) that contains all the props you have sequenced for in Superstar.

Open each exported file from Superstar in Sequence Editor. Make sure the timings are the same for your newly created song and those you are importing from Superstar.

Copy the entire prop (sequence area) from the exported Superstar sequence and paste into the prop of your new Sequence Editor song. Do this for all exported props from Superstar. You will end up with a new sequence in Sequence Editor with all the props that were exported from Superstar.

I usually Paste by Cell, provided I use the same song, the timings are identical in the exported Superstar file and the newly created Sequence Editor file, and copy from the first block of the exported Superstar file and paste into the first block of the newly created Sequence Editor file.

6 hours ago, AussieAndrew said:

(thinking this would be difficult to understand how each individual element would look)

Hopefully you have a vision of what you want the effects on each prop to look like. You also have the music as a cue to help you with timing. Doing it this way does mean that you will have to listen to the song over and over and over.

If this isn't what you are asking disregard.


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Thanks very much Alan, this is what I was after. I will give that approach a go see how it turns out.

Appreciate your time.


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