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Tri-State (Jersey mini) date

Dan Ancona

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A little late in posting, but the Jersey Mini - Tri-State event will be held on April 22nd in Cranbury, NJ this year.   More info can be found here:


I have also attached the proposed agenda.


Tri State Christmas proposed agenda 2017.pdf

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Nice - I'll need to make sure Tom adds this to the OKC mini agenda :

There will also be provided space for those that simply like to sit around an BS all day!

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I'd like to that our very own Dan and Mary @ LOR for their support of the event with a door prize.  Along with them are:

Dirk @ DIGWDF store, Val over at Christmas LEDs, Todd @ DIYLED Express , Paul @ Creative Displays,  Demented Elf

James @ Boscoyo Studios

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Less than 2 weeks away from the event day!! Still time to sign up. We are having a great presentation on wifi and Falcon Player along with running your show with a PI, some beginner and on up discussions on XLights, possibly some talk on animatronics in your display (if the this poster can find some time), video mapping and more I can't recall right now.
Swap Meet - bring along your unwanted items or cash to buy someone else's unwanted items!!!

If you're local, what else do you have to do on a Saturday - grass isn't even growing yet. If you're out of town, I believe there are still some rooms available at the discount rate.
I can guarantee you will have a great time and heck, may even learn something.


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