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I thought I would pass along a storage idea I did when I tore my show down this year.  Some of you may be able to do something similar for storage of your show elements.  The GE Color Effects lights I have on my eves are mounted to 1x2 wooden strips that hang from eye-bolts permanently mounted to my eves.  Most of my show is stored in my attic, but last year I found that the non-bendable 1x2 strips were a real pain to get into and out of the attic.  My solution this year was to mount a 4 x 8 foot sheet of 5/8 inch OSB to the roof beams of my storage shed.  The sheet of OSB has hooks in the proper spacing to mount the strips.


Along both edges of the OSB there are drywall screws into the metal roof beam about every foot as pointed out with the green arrows below.  An example of the eye-bolts for mounting the strips to the board for storage is seen at the blue arrow.


Along the centerline of the board are four 1/4 inch bolts that are attached to the roof peak beam and hold up the center of the OSB.  Those were the first supports connected while holding the OSB in place.  The bolts (actually nine inches of 1/4 inch all-thread) were securely connected to the center beam and carefully positioned to align with holes drilled into the wood.  The holes in the wood are quite a bit larger than needed (3/4 inch) in order to simplify aligning the wood to the bolts.  Three of us held the sheet of OSB up and positioned the first bolt through it's hole.  A fender washer and nut were attached loosely.  Once the first bolt was through and nutted, the other three were easier to get through the holes in the OSB.  After all four bolts were through the wood and nuts in place, all four were tightened up to snug the wood against the outer beams.  Then the drywall screws were added along the edges.  An example of the centerline bolts is shown with the red arrow below.  Since the eye-bolt spacing is unique for each of the eight 1x2 strips, it is important to be able to hang the strips in the correct order.  Therefore, there is a P-touch label identifying each strip position and orientation as seen at the green arrow below.




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Jim- that and the "disco" effect you can get while avoiding the wife.

I do similar with my barns. My friend actually made an elaborate storage system using totes and slide rails. He mounted the tracks on his overhead beams and placed a stopper (piece of 2x4) on one end so that he doesn't push them to far. He uses his garage door end to slide the totes into place. On the totes he has mounted a small strip of metal to assist with sliding. Its really neat and uses his dead space in his garage.


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