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Mix and Match in one controller 16 Pixie controller


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Certainly you can use the 16 outputs in any order you like.

I'd do them in alphabetical order.  Others would disagree.  Some might even mix them.  Doesn't matter, except in your brain's way of organizing things.

Edited by George Simmons
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Thanks George,

I had read some place that if you use the controller for a STAR 4 channel the other 12 channels you could only use in the SE function.

2 props in one controller, ALL RGB ccp's

Just like I wanted.

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As George indicated you can use the RGB strings from your Pixie 16 controller in any way you want. It sounds like you are thinking of having a 12 string tree and then using 4 of them for an RGB star. For what it is worth, I now have an RGB star on my website that is designed for use with 200 pixels. They could be "barrel type" pixels, or the square pixels that LOR now sells.

I do not yet have sequencing for the RGB star, but I plan to do so this year. Also, in the next release superstar will automatically convert the sequencing to the current 6 channel star into sequencing for the 200 pixel star. But realize that all the conversion does is make the RGB star behave like the old 6 channel star. In other words, the sequencing would make the RGB star look like a white star with 6 concentric "exploding stars." So it would not be taking advantage of the full abilities of the RGB star, but you would at least have something that would look good with the tree until you or myself is able to do color sequencing for the RGB star.

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