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Slight Delays or Lags


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I'm having some delay or lag issues when watching sequences in Visualizer.  When I program an effect in PE and watch it through it's preview window, the effects are spot on and look great.  After saving the intensity file and previewing it through Visualizer, there are some delays that pop up.  A couple of clear examples are when I use the pinwheel effect or a quick color wash across my matrix, the entire thing doesn't light up all at once, but some pixel strands delay just a bit and make it look choppy.  Here is a video of what I mean.  Watch from 1:40 on


In the Red and Blue part, the blue has lines that begin to appear, and in the pin wheel later you can really see the choppiness of the arms.  Now the other effects between them flow just fine.

The reason I'm worrying now is that I'm switching all my Dumb strips to Pixels and I'm seeing some of the same lagging with them as I do with the matrix.  I have found that whatever is showing through Visualizer is exactly what is happening with the actual lights as well.  Right now I have a couple of Pixel Mini Trees and a couple of strands of Pixel Nodes stretched out in the basement and when I sequence a color wash change for all of it, there is a light delay between the trees themselves and the strands. Last year I had an issue I started here http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/40158-missing-pixels/ that I still can't solve.  I've tried all the "Best Practices" steps and read as may topics as I can on this and still has the issue that bugs me.

Hopefully my rambling makes sense and some of you may have an idea for me.  Maybe my OCD is just to great or that I spend too much time programming/watching lights turn on and off at .05 sec. at a time, that I'm the only one who notices a .05 sec. delay.


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