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Tiny tree instead of mega tree


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I'm thinking of wrapping some small tree shaped shrubs in smart pixels. What's the best choice? Up and down like a mega tree? Or spiral around like string lights? Or some other method? What do you think will give me the most flexibility. Keep in mind that these are too small, say 50 to 100 pixels on the shrub, to be effective as matrices.


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As a test for 2016 season, I did one 6ft twig tree with 160 pixels.  Love it and doing 4 more for 2017. 


I wrapped brom bottom...up.   With a 360 degree tree, I don't know that it will really matter how you wrap since it's a more free form look than a formal looking 12/16 strang mega tree.  You'll have depth and layers of pixels and won't get the same sharp lines as in a 180 degree tree. 


Several have done these 6ft twig pixel trees and if you search youtube, you'ee find tthem. Might give you an idea of what you might expect with your tree shaped shrubs. 


You proabley get a better pixel distribution/spacing by wrapping around intead of up and down which might put to many pixels in the up part of the shrub, especially if more conical in shape. 

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I had several small bushes I did last year.  I used square nodes in the Boscoyo mounting strips.  I basically created a net to fit the bush using zipties and the mounting strips.  This made for nice straight lines and for sequencing purposes its a Matrix

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