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Our 2016 Display - Disney Wishes Theme

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We've been asked how we made the fireworks.  I added a couple pictures during the day while we were setting up.

For the big fireworks on the roof, we used 2x4's for the framing.  Frame work sits on the roof.  It was not nailed down.  We didn't want a leaky roof haha.  Then fenced in a square where we zip tied the pvc conduit firework arms in place.  the fence worked well because it gave us something to connect to that would still allow the wind to blow through.  We also  put a halogen light in the middle to give the firework explosion effect.

For the Up fireworks by beside and behind the castle.  We used Pixel tape strips / ribbons depending on what you call them.  The strips are 16 feet long.  We then zip tied them to rigid steel conduit.  Two conduit sections for each one.  10ft each section for a total of 20 feet.  With the remaining 4 feet that didn't have the lights, we had room to screw them into our wooden base to help them in place.  We originally tried this with PVC conduit, but quickly determined that it was too flimsy so have to upgrade to steel.

IMG_0513 - Copy.JPG

IMG_0438 - Copy (2).jpg

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