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Playing around with my new lasers


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I have a couple of dmx controlled lasers I will be using during the 'rock concert' portion of this year's show along with my moving heads, etc. I am absolutely in love with these things. Just arrived from China and they are spectacular. Incredibly bright.

Almost 300 patterns selectable via dmx, plus you can fully control positioning, etc... just way too cool. Here are some pics from the garage tonight.




And just to give you some perspective as to just how bright these beasts are... here's one with all the lights on.. most lasers need pitch black to even see the beam.. these are visible in a fully lit room, with just the usual dust particles in the air..


During the show, I am using a Lemaitre Neutron Hazer with dmx control and a Chauvet dmx fog machine to make the beams visible. I will start the fog and haze during the song preceeding the rock concert sequence so that the haze is well dispersed by the time the dmx stuff kicks off.

Please don't hijack this thread with a discussion of laser variances.. that can be discussed elsewhere.

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That is amazing! My brother has a 25 mW green laser...and it's beam is cool at night...but that is CRAZY!

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DanCampbell wrote:

Now, where'd I leave that dropping jaw emoticon...

Oh, to have a rockstar budget for this hobby!

If I had a rockstar budget, I wouldn't be ordering lasers from China :)
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